You’re About to Discover “How To” Keep Your Beloved Pet Healthy and Long Lived, “How To” Avoid Costly and Unnecessary Veterinary Visits, “How To” Detect Potential Life Threatening Problems Early And Most Importantly, “How To” Develop Solutions To These Life Shortening Problems. This Information Will Help You “Take Control” And Manage Your Pet’s Health So That They Will Be With You For A Long Long Time”

We love our beloved pets dearly and want them by our side forever, but in today’s world, we face too many problems that tragically shorten their lifespan. Let’s take a look at some of these problems and then, together, we will discover the solution to these problems.

Our companion animals are dying earlier than ever before and with more frequency, leaving us disheartened, sad, frustrated, even angry.

It wasn’t that long ago that pets and specific breeds lived much longer than they do today. This negative dilemma is a combination of in-breeding and breeding indiscriminately, the LACK of healthy pet food provided by the major pet food making corporations, the destruction of the nutrients in our soils and the woeful state of our environment.

This gives you a general perspective but…….

What are some of the specific problems our beloved pets currently face?  

Are any similar to what you have experienced?

First and foremost: One of the main problems I hear about all the time goes like this: Your pet is sick, they are lethargic, listless, and not eating well. Your Vet says “let’s do some tests” which are usually outrageously expensive only to be told that “the tests were inconclusive, we do not know the problem” and even the dreaded “we recommend your pet be euthanized”

I’ll bet many of you have had similar experiences, as this is one of the most common scenarios I hear about.

What’s more…….. 

Each year thousands of pets are misdiagnosed and euthanized by Vets who are unaware of a deadly imbalance which occurs in their endocrine system and can cause fatal catastrophic diseases. The reasons for these tragedies include:

ˇ         The increasing number of hazards plaguing our environment.

ˇ         Nutritionally lacking and sometimes tainted pet foods being offered as less expensive alternatives for our dwindling family budgets.

ˇ         The misguided practice of treating the pet symptoms and effects and not the actual causes of many diseases- Please keep in mind, that if the cause is treated successfully, there will be NO symptoms.

ˇ         The grant funded medical research system seems to be held captive by corporate money sources who understand the treating of catastrophic illnesses generates far more revenue than the curing of aforementioned illnesses. That dark fact, coupled with the reality that the medical industry’s bottom line is the almighty dollar may explain why there are no cancer cures there is just remission.

If that wasn’t enough, here are a few more Concerns, to be aware of:

If the owner has very little knowledge and they are too dependent on their vet or the vet is the owner's only option, the pet will suffer because sometimes pet owners…..

ˇ         Delay bringing their pet in for treatment because the pet becomes ill after hours

ˇ         Discontinue treatment for chronic illnesses because it's complicated or expensive

ˇ         Are not able to afford an office visit and / or follow up treatment.

AND a few concerns that touch us deeply and personally:

ˇ         Worrying that you don't know enough about how to treat your pet yourself and be able to help them live a longer, healthier, happier life?

ˇ         Being concerned that the underlying causes of your much-loved pet's health problems are not being addressed?

ˇ         Always looking for answers to treat your pet in a safe, rapid and effective way but don't know how?

I am sure there are those who would argue any and all of the above. However, it does not change the simple fact that there is something basically and empirically wrong with what we call healthcare today. That is why we are making this effort to address these problems.

Problem is pet health knowledge, and good practices have always been the domain of veterinarians. Little quality information has been readily available to animal care providers.

Even though you must develop a relationship with the “Right” Veterinarian to help you and your pet with certain situations that can arise over the years, with the proper knowledge, you can minimize extremely costly vet visits.

And that is why it is so important for everybody who loves and cares for a pet to have the appropriate information.

 It might even save your pet's life one day!

So the Question Now is, Where to get the Education & Information?

This can be very expensive and time consuming. You would have to pay hundreds of dollars to assemble enough books – Books focusing on dogs, on cats, on behavior problems, chronic illness, pet nutrition and even trauma, to cover all aspects of pet health, proactive care, preventative practice and innovative techniques.

Would it be of value to you if you could find this information in one book which you would have at your finger tips?

So what is the solution to these problems?

What can I do? I really love my pet and I want to learn the things necessary to be able to help my pet.



“Your Guide to Whole & Complete Health”

A comprehensive guide to pet health and pet care


One of the most important things I have learned over the years is, by the time catastrophic disease manifests itself and we discover a major problem in our beloved pet’s life, we can still do our best to provide as good a quality of life as possible BUT much of the damage has already been done. If severe internal damage has already been done, even with our best efforts, our pets passing is only a matter of time.

Thus, it is very important to have a good understanding of the components of pet health and longevity BEFORE catastrophic disease manifests itself, to best equip you with the knowledge, skills and solutions necessary long before potential problems arise.

The key lies in awareness and knowledge so that when we take in a pet, at an early age, we can provide the best health remedies for their longevity. Also, when we take in a rescue at a ripe old age, we can give them the best care and provide the best quality of life hopefully extending the longevity of their life.

There are MANY things to learn and know long before disease hits so your beloved pet maintains excellent health.


That’s what this book is all about. This book will help you establish an excellent foundation in pet health and pet care which will enable you to keep your pet healthy and long lived.

The THEME of this book is: Proactive care, preventative practice and innovative techniques will lead the way to your pet’s Good Health & Longevity. By applying the principles of this book, the need to visit your vet will be minimized and most importantly your beloved pet will be with you for a long long time.

By reading this book, you will learn the key components of whole and complete pet health, thus establishing an excellent foundation in pet health practices.

You will discover

1)    The cause of most catastrophic disease such as cancer, autoimmune, allergies, SARDS and more. More importantly, you will learn how to recognize and even detect potential  problems long before they manifest themselves.  

2)    You will learn how to maximize your pet’s health so they live the long lived lives they were meant to live.

3)    You will learn solutions to problems that may arise, over the years, with your pets.

This book will provide the education and information you will need to “Take Control” of your pet’s health and longevity so they will be by your side for many years to come.

The key is to learn good health practices….. Together with proactive care and preventative practice which will Empower YOU to Make a Difference in your Pets Health and Longevity and help you maximize your pet’s health based on the genetics they were born with.

Learn how through a simple test, at an early age or anytime in your pets life, you can determine the potential for future problems thus determining a protocol to follow so disease never raises its ugly head.

As a committed animal care provider, I have never been content to only treat a dog's symptoms without identifying the underlying causes. In other words, working out WHY the dog has the symptoms or the disease in the first place and then reversing or controlling these causes.

That's why you won't find another book like mine on the market ….... because most practitioners don't have a clue what caused the dog's health disorders. They only know what to prescribe to STOP the SYMPTOMS!

Unfortunately, just treating your dog's symptoms does nothing to actually heal your pet. At best - it just suppresses their symptoms. At worst - it will cause a more serious disease or more severe symptoms than they had before and cost you a lot of money in the process.

The information in my book stems from and is driven by an unconditional love and deep respect for animals and concern for their conditions. We, here at the Healthy Pet Network, support “outside of the box” innovation and are firm believers in challenging the status quo to be far better than it already is. Our mission is helping others look after their pets in the best possible way. My purpose is to empower you by giving you powerful information so you don't need to be dependent on others for your pet's health. puts you back in charge of their health will learn how to identify the REAL causes of your pet's health problems will get REAL solutions to heal your pet

This is Information that seems impossible to find these days.



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Let me take a step back for a moment as I tell you a little bit about me, my back ground and how I can help you in your quest of providing the best health for your beloved pet.

My name is Michael Goldman, Founder of the Healthy Pet Network.

I began my professional career as a credentialed high school “health & fitness” teacher and coach. With the help and support of my wife Terry, my talents were further enhanced when career opportunities lead me away from teaching, into the world of business.

My wife Terry and I started our own e-commerce businesses. This allowed us to be at home to follow our PASSION of “Making a Difference” in the lives of animals by providing food, shelter, medical attention and love to animals in need.

We started by rescuing animals and helping with various animal causes. Soon we established our own rescue and sanctuary. The natural progression of our MISSION was the start and development of the “The Healthy Pet Network”. The rest, as they say, is history.

Teaching and being very knowledgeable in general health had major benefits, including an excellent foundation in health concepts and principles, but in time, I learned I had so much more to learn when it came to the “specifics of pet health”.

I have worked for many years to hone my skills in pet health and pet care – from working very closely with one of the world’s best and foremost veterinarians to the experiences and achievements within our rescue and sanctuary, to years of research and study.. I made a commitment and went on a mission to take control of our rescue kid’s health. We have had many wonderful successes and over time, we have developed a very large HEALTHY family of dogs and cats. 

Now I want to impart all I have learned to you. I want you to know what it took me many years to learn and which has made an incredible difference in our family’s health and well being.

Having a rescue, I remember very well when our monthly Vet bill was obscene and over $1000 a month, most every month. We seemed to be experiencing many nagging illnesses with the occasional catastrophic disease taking the life of one of our babies.

Much of this was caused by feeding the standard commercial pet food & treats along with our kids having a ”unknown to us at the time”, insidious hormone imbalance which caused a deregulated immune system and enabled disease to hit our kid’s in different impact areas.

What a difference knowledge and experience can bring! Now we seldom need to visit our veterinarian and our rescue animals, both cats and dogs, seldom get sick. However, when something does pop up, my wife Terry and I can usually treat it ourselves and get them back on track.


At this point, I am sure you would like to hear what others are saying about this book………..


All testimonials are on file.

Your Guide to Whole and Complete Pet Health written by Michael Goldman, will provide you with those necessary guidelines to help your pet survive and thrive with good health, in our altered environment.

Mr. Goldman’s book, discusses those issue that may cause your pet to falter in today’s world and how to avoid many different health issues for your pet, that may have never been discussed with you before.

The book is a must read for any pet owner who loves their pet and wants to provide the kind of surroundings that will keep their pet healthy and at the same time allow their pet to live life to its fullest.

Happy reading.


Dr. AL Plechner


In a time when so much focus is on personal health through nutrition, it is refreshing to see Michael point out the need for quality nutrition in our pets. Pets offer unconditional love and companionship, they deserve our best effort to return that in their diet. Michael has helped our family with advice over the years for our dogs and now his knowledge is available for all to use.

Thanks again Michael,

Richard Fish
Tyler, Texas


I am a first year veterinary school student and have known Michael Goldman and Dr. Plechner for many years. I have put a lot of their knowledge to use in taking care of my cats over the years. The breakthroughs that Dr. Plechner has made in the veterinary field are revolutionary and I believe they will change the way veterinarians will treat their patients in the future. I have experienced firsthand how some animals will seek treatment at a veterinary clinic but not get better. Would they have received better treatment if the veterinarian knew about the Plechner Protocol? I believe they would have and am an avid supporter of Dr. Plechner’s methods of treatment.

I have also learned a lot from Michael Goldman and his knowledge of animal care. I feed my kitties a special diet based on recommendations from Michael and they are all very healthy and doing well. Every pet owner has something he/she can learn from these two men that can enhance their beloved pets current and future lives.

Corvallis, Oregon



Review: Oct 15, 2013

In my association with Michael Goldman, the author, has consistently proven his "hands on" approach to pet care.  Not only does he rescue lost pets, he also restores their health and will work to provide a safe new home for his rescues.  When a person has such an open heart, they face an untold number of situations where animals come to the rescue, in dire peril, near death.  Michael’s reaction has been to study and learn about the problems he encounters.  His studies gives him an incredible insight on the health and nutritional needs of pets.  His book delivers years of experience to your fingertips.

Michael’s Guidebook is a composite of his hard-earned knowledge.  Presented in a down-to-earth language, easy to understand advice from an "in the trenches" expert.  The information he presents empowers pet owners to take action themselves.  You will learn to recognize pet signals that indicate if they are in distress.  When there is a health issue, Michael tells what a pet owner can do on their own and when it is time to seek help from a Professional.  Michael’s advice is based on real situations and his help to pet owners goes way beyond a simple, to-do list. 

Read this book, follow its directions to insure you and your pets can enjoy many more happy years together.  A healthy pet is a happy pet.  Happy pets fill our lives with fun and love. This is great advice from a true, hands-on expert.  Michael is a person who silently pursues his personal quest of helping lost animals and has taken the time and with considerable effort and sacrifice he is presenting extremely important, valuable time and money saving advice for all loving pet owners. 

James M. Brown

V.P. Business Development

California Earth Minerals

“Your Guide to Pet Health” is a must read for all pet parents.  This book gives you awareness and knowledge so that you can provide your pet a healthy and long life.

In 2002 our beloved Emily developed hemolytic anemia when she was 18 months old.  She was one of the lucky ones to survive this deadly illness.  She lived for another 6 years, without any health problems, and suddenly her immune system collapsed and sadly she passed away.  If I had known about the Plechner Protocol and started Emily on it, immediately upon diagnosis, hopefully she would have lived several more years.   I was amazed to learn the many problems a hormonal imbalance can cause and   diagnosed with a simple blood test.  I wish that more Veterinarians were aware of the Protocol. 

The interaction of genetics, nutrition, environment, physical and emotional well-being and disease were quite illuminating.  After reading this book it really helped me to understand how all of these factors play such an important part in our pet’s health.

Renee Windsor





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In Summary……………

Your Guide to Whole & Complete Pet Health is an in depth examination of the
components of pet health & longevity. Its purpose is to teach pet owners what they need to know so that YOU, as a pet care provider, can maximize your beloved pet’s health and longevity so your companion animal(s) will be with you for a long long time.

Your beloved pet can’t speak for himself and relies on you to be
his eyes and ears for everything in his or her world.

That means everything, from what is the best diet to reading the
signs of illness.

Your pet’s health is worth FAR MORE than money. For the
small price of this very affordable book, you will have the
information regarding proactive care and preventative
maintenance allowing you to take control of your pet’s health
and longevity.

Don’t wait, make the decision to be in control of your beloved pet’s health


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